Saturday, January 21, 2012

I've Been A Slacker - But I Have A Good Excuse

I haven't been on here for a few days. Sorry, I've just been a tad bit busy. On Thursday, January 19th our family was blessed with the new addition of Miss Jasmine Michelle. She already has this old great-granny wrapped around her tiny little fingers.Weighed in at 7lb and 9oz, 20 1/2 inches long. Wow, that's a lot of baby, but she looks so tiny. I think a lot of that weight comes from her head. The child has so much hair it's unbelievable. Anyway, that's where I've been and now I have her older sister, JoJo, at my house driving us all a bit crazy. She's only 13 months old and very very active. We're trying the whole 'potty training' thing with her so she occupies most of my time with that. It may be awhile before I get back in the kitchen and start cooking up some goodness. I'll try to at least get those cake pops done and get a picture on here sometime today. Stay with me, I'm just absent for a minute, not gone for good.
Until next time ...

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